Top 7 Views/Reads/Actions RE Student Engagement

In my last post I discussed types of student engagement.  Educators, whether  presenting/facilitating with adults or with kids, read the room and try to get a sense of the engagement.  I used to think that eye contact was absolutely essential and told me whether I was engaging my learner.  Today I know it is quite common to see both adults and kids multi-tasking…..emailing, texting, facebooking, twittering during a learning session.  I am not sure that they are always disengaged.  For example, I found myself recently tweeting while at a conference.  It has become a type of record of my learning and helped me to share some of the presenter’s ideas on assessment to a wider audience.  I can also flip the coin and say that sometimes I have become disengaged with the topic and used the time to multitask checking email or browsing the internet.

Professional learning has impacted ways in which I think about engagement.  The professional learning includes attending conferences, professional learning conversations such as book studies and co-planning, attending webinars.  The bulk of my professional learning however comes from reading.  Here is my top 7 list of reading/viewing/actions related to engagement.

1.  Cory Miller’s Ted Talk – This is one of the most inspiring and reflective eleven minutes.  Thanks Cory for sharing your passion.  Cory reminds us that if we allow our students to lead the way in regards to our professional learning and our classroom planning, we cannot fail.  We all know when one or more of our learners are disengaged.  The question for me is what will I do?

2.  Ten Simple Strategies for Re-engaging Students – Marcinuk reminds us that we often don’t have to overhaul our entire classroom or school in one night but take small incremental steps.  He suggests ten strategies for engagement.

3.  The Relationship Between Student Engagement and Academic OutcomesWhat Did You Do In School Today research series publication. (2012)

4.  The relationship Between Instructional Challenge and Student EngagementWhat Did You Do In School Today research series publication.  (2012)

5.  Latest Insights Into Students’ Intellectual EngagementWhat Did You Do In School Today research series publication. (2012)

6.  Supporting Student Engagement in Math – SPDU one day session (Saskatoon).

7.   Supporting Student Engagement in Literacy  – SPDU one day session (Saskatoon).


About lgatzke

I am an assessment supervisor passionate about getting kids smarter. As Dylan Wiliam says, "Smart is not something you are, smart is something you get".
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